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Our commercial activities in the fragrance industry started in 2017 with the Cultural Heritage brand and CH Cosmetics. We created our Cultural Heritage branded perfume collection by designing stylish and trendy perfumes, bottles and packaging inspired by the art and aesthetics of the most known and admired historical buildings and places of the world cultural heritage by choosing unique scents as a result of our completely individual initiatives, special efforts and efforts.

In the beginning, we had the opportunity to reach and make sales to foreign customers who came to visit our country by agreeing with the retail stores serving the tourism sector and making wholesale sales. Of course it wasn’t easy. It was quite difficult to obtain these stores, but by patiently improving this process, we achieved positive results. Over the years, customers who have used our perfume products have liked the quality and concept very much, and they come back to us to buy and obtain this product again. Of course, we are pleased with the interest of foreign customers, who have purchased tens of thousands of products from many countries of the world and from different continents. Since the concept of our Cultural Heritage Perfume collection is universal, we would like to point out that entrepreneurs who may need these products, boutique stores and stores selling in the cosmetics sector will provide great benefits and returns for them to sell these products in their own country by giving wholesale and dealership in this regard. We believe this venture is the right business investment. The fact that our customers, who have purchased our perfume products, have expressed their appreciation and satisfaction about the products, shows us that this investment will also be sold in alternative destinations. You can write to us via the online contact form to get information about franchise dealership and wholesale issues, or our team will answer your questions directly via whatsapp and give you feedback in the online store as soon as possible.

Apart from our perfume collections, we can serve you in wholesale and retail sales of perfume essences that we are experienced and experienced. We can also help you with the packaging solutions that make up the perfume. For example, we can offer you customized solutions with the support of our solution partners in the sector for the size and volume of perfume bottles, perfume cap models, valves and packaging box design, production processes and the supply of other perfume components.

You can buy world-famous and best-selling perfume models, quality scents of mass market perfume brands, and creative perfume scents for which special design is desired, wholesale and retail. By ordering affordable and high quality perfume essences from our online store, you can get them delivered to all over the world quickly via DHL cargo. You can request the perfume essences you want to order, according to your needs, for 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilo and more. If you wish, you can determine and purchase your order according to your needs by preparing and sending samples of samples specific to you.