Mostar Perfume

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Cultural Heritage , Mostar Perfume , 50 ml e.1.7 fl.oz , Extrait de Perfume , Unisex

Top Notes: Vanilla, lemon and orange

Middle Notes: Bergamote and rose

Base Notes: Jasmine and iris flower

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In stock


The Mostar Bridge is an old structure on the Neretva River that divides the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the middle. The bridge, which was built in 1566 by Mimar Hayreddin, one of Mimar Sinan’s students, was so popular that the surrounding area was also called by the same name. It’s not just its historical significance or the fact that it’s an architectural marvel that makes it special. For hundreds of years, it has served as a physical and spiritual bridge, while allowing countless people to cross from one shore to another. He was wounded a lot over time, but he stood up again and stronger. If you get a little closer and listen to him, he’ll tell you a lot of stories. The Mostar Bridge, by connecting the Croats and Muslims living on two different sides of the river, consolidated its place among the most important figures of the Balkans for centuries and continues to serve as a bridge to the world cultural heritage. The most precious scent of our Cultural Heritage Renaissance collection, Mostar perfume will welcome you with the scent of vanilla, lemon and orange in the top note, while bergamot, jasmine rose and iris flower in the middle and bottom notes will seduce you.

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